Exclusive features on earningrecords.com

Manage income and expense sources

Manage income sources and expense sources seperately and add all the income and expenses you are generating from that source by keeping an record of that.

You just have to add records on daily or monthly or weekly basis depending on your income and expense sources. All the profit and loss calculations will be calculated by the system itself.

Manage your investment assets

Add all the investment assets in which you are invested with.

Keep all the investment records in that particular asset properly by adding the invested amount, investment date, broker and many more.

With this you do not need to calculate the capital gains you have made because the system will automatically calculate everything and display all the stats related with that investment asset.

Manage your team and their salaries

Keep all the records of your team by making a team and adding all the employees or people with whom your are working with.

Add multiple team members in that particular team and keep records of their payments log seperately with lots of other features available.

If you are considering taxations from earningrecords then make sure not to add team salary expenses in expense sources section. Manage your teams and their respective salaries seperately in the teams section only.

Lendings and borrowings

Keep the records of your lendings, borrowings or professional loans you have taxen or given.

Add lending / borrowing amount, reason, date and status properly also set an reminder. In case you forget anything the system will remind you.

Sales and purchases

Add sales and purchase parties on earningrecords and manage them professionally.

See your sales growth and profit growth at your custom choices.

Automatic profit and gst calculations on sales and purchase records you will add on earningrecords.com

Generate invoices and challans

Generate and manage your business invoices and challans professionally.

Automatic computer generated invoices and challans with best templates available.

Every manual work which takes more time and slows your business growth is cut down to auomatic work. Now focus on your business growth and let earningrecords handle other stuff.


Automatic gst calculations of the sales and expense records you add on your earningrecords dashboard.

Keep a track of how much gst you have collected, used and filed in the complete financial year.


Earningrecords.com will cut off maximum of your manual work. Our system do take care of your taxations.

Your income tax will get automatically calculated with respect to the income sources and expense sources. If you are running a startup or a business and you have added a team and their salary logs then they will also get included automatically while calculations of taxations.

Also, you do not need to worry about your capital gains taxes if you have any investments done. Depending on your investment assets capital gains will also get calculated automatically.

Remember, system will calculate the taxes only on the sources and assets you have added on the dashboard.





earningrecords.com is a one stop solution to manage your income records, expense records, investments, taxations, etc very easily.